How PAMM Works?

PAMM account service also known as PERCENT ALLOCATION MONEY MANAGEMENT is the

system that affords of the opportunity for PAMM MANAGER to manage multiple investment

accounts using their own capital with an aim to earn profit.

You Have


PAMM MANAGER can use their capabilities of skill performance, knowledge and focus to enhance on profit trading. At the same time, PAMM service allows investors to make a choice with specific criteria that meets with requirements performance and risk management perspective.


Realizing the need for a new investing tool that can make cooperation between PAMM Manager and PAMM Investor account  (Followers) more effective and transparent, XSOCIO has put our best efforts to bring to you an innovative and full-featured PAMM service.

The XSOCIO PAMM Service enables copying trades from PAMM Manager account to one or more Follower accounts and automatizes profit and loss distribution. Master operates a personal capital through a PAMM Account, and his or her trading strategy is replicated on the Followers’ capital. Follower account holder can view and analyze PAMM account performance with the help of advanced analytics.

Moreover, XSOCIO PAMM Service provides the clients with all you need to get the most and the best from Forex trading: exclusive trading conditions, reliable order execution and dedicated support.


PAMM Manager

If you are skilled and experienced in the field of trading It’s time for you to highlight your talents and skills using PAMM in XSOCIO Markets The PAMM system at XSOCIO Markets allows you to receive investment from investors and receive commissions from any successful trades. All investments and transactions in the PAMM system are automatically controlled by XSOCIO Markets.



PAMM Investor

Lack of knowledge to start trading? No time to analyze markets? It is not a big issue. We recommend you to open PAMM account to start to earn and gain profit with a simple step.



PAMM Introducer

Maximizing income? Let’s join the Utmost PAMM introducer program by XSOCIO MARKETS which is designed to appreciate individual introducer and corporate clients introducer to gain revenue from PAMM trading activities.


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