The PAMM system at XSOCIO Markets allows you to receive investment from

investors and receive commissions from any successful trades. All investments

and transactions in the PAMM system are automatically controlled by XSOCIO Markets..


Fund Investment

To attracting of investors the PAMM Manager can offer of the minimum of investment.


The PAMM Manager can make an offer of contract duration trading.


The commission profit will receive on successful trading of PAMM Manager made.


PAMM Manager can use this opportunity to use their experience and knowledge to earn profits.

Becoming PAMM Manager

Any clients who have an account at XSocio Markets can become a PAMM Manager at XSocio PAMM system. If you already have an account with XSocio Markets, you can make an activation at PAMM system.

In PAMM Client Area, you need to open PAMM account. Next, click PAMM Manager and fill up the application form with the setting of your PAMM offer.

Before completing the registration PAMM Manager account, you need to READ AND UNDERSTAND TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

After completing the registration your account will appear in the PAMM system as a MASTER and investors can see PAMM Manager in the list.

PAMM Manager will start receiving investment requests after the registration. PAMM Manager can make approval or decline.


PAMM Penalty

In Pamm XSocio there will have a Penalty fees for Pamm Manager. Penalty fees will be applying when an any investor withdraws any amount before the end of the Trading Period.

The trading period is stated in the Manager strategy offer and it commences as soon as the investor copy pamm manager.


PAMM Commision

The important of PAMM Manager in the PAMM system is a commission. The commission will be calculated when the PAMM manager uses and investment and making a profit, the commission of the investor will be auto calculating at the end of duration time.